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New Vehicles Within 3/36 Warranty

When is the right time to buy Mopar Vehicle Protection? The best answer is: "There will never be a better time than now!". Extended warranty pricing never goes down as your vehicle ages. The truth is that the opposite happens, prices go up! You may find people on various websites around the internet that will recommend that you to wait until the end of your standard factory warranty before purchasing more coverage. You can wait if you want, but you'll pay a premium for the plan and you won't get anything extra for your money.

New vehicle extended warranty terms always start from the original purchase date of the vehicle. If you buy an 8 year plan on the first day of vehicle ownership your coverage will end in 8 years. If you wait 2 years and then buy an 8 year plan, your coverage will end in 6 years and you'll pay more!

Mopar extended warranty pricing is tiered, based on the mileage on your vehicle when you purchase a plan. The tiers are 0 - 12,000 miles, 12,001 - 24,000 miles and 24,001 - 36,000 miles. The pricing for each vehicle is different based on what Mopar expects for future anticipated claims. So, the difference in price from one tier to another is also different for each vehicle. Depending on which term and level of coverage you are looking to buy, the difference between buying when you have 7,000 miles, over buying when you have 27,000 miles can be over $1,000 and you won't get one extra day of coverage!

If you would like to see how waiting will effect Mopar Vehicle Protection pricing for your vehicle, use our Instsnt Quote system as a time machine. Change your mileage in your quote to some future value. See if it makes sense for you to buy now and pay a lower price or to pay a higher price later.

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Pre-Owned Vehicles Under 150,000 Miles

When is the right time to buy Mopar Vehicle Protection for used vehicle? Just as it is for new vehicles, the answer is: "There will never be a better time than now!". As your vehicle ages and it racks up more mileage, the likelyhood for repairs rises and therefore the rates for additional coverage also go up.

Pre-Owned vehicle extended warranty terms always start from the purchase date of the plan. This means that if you have 37,000 miles on your vehicle and purchase a 5 year/60,000 mile plan, it will expire 5 years from when you purchase the coverage or when your odometer reads 97,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Pricing changes dramatically as your vehicle reaches various mileage milestones. The tiers of pricing are as follows: under 36,000 miles, between 36,001 and 48,000, between 48,001 and 60,000 miles, between 60,001 and 72,000 miles, between 72,001 and 84,000 miles, between 84,001 and 100,000 miles, between 100,001 and 120,000 miles and between 120,001 and 150,000 miles. Plan inception mileage is recorded by the inspector that checks for pre-existing conditions that may need to be addressed prior to your coverage going into effect.

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NOTE: This website is for your general information regarding this Mopar Vehicle Protection plan. Services and component repairs made prior to the purchase of this contract are not covered. Complete details are provided in the plan provisions of the contract available from your dealer. All transactions relating to this service contract are governed solely by the provisions of the purchased contract.
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