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Unlimited Mileage Plans
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unlimited mileage plans

Unlimited plans include the following features:

  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Term Options: 5, 6 or 7 Years/Unlimited Miles
  • Deductible Options: $100 or $200
  • Certified, Factory-Trained, Expert Technicians
  • Authentic Mopar Parts
  • Quality Service at Dealerships throughout North America

Factory Backed

Maximum Care

5,000+ Components

The best protection for your new vehicle. Our Maximum Care plan offers extended coverage on more than 5,000 components beyond your warranty -- all backed by FCA.

Added Care Plus

800+ Components

Added Care Plus offers great, factory-backed protection by extending powertrain and component coverage on more than 850 major components.

First Day Rental Allowance

Maximum Care and Added Care Plus provide a $45 First Day Car Rental Allowance for any non-overnight dealership mechanical repair or maintenance service, excluding bodywork.

Car Rental Allowance

Maximum Care and Added Care Plus provide a $45 per day ($175 maximum per occurrence) Car Rental Allowance whenever a covered component fails, causing the vehicle to be both inoperable and require overnight repairs. Excludes bodywork.

$600 Key Fob Coverage

Maximum Care and Added Care Plus plans for New vehicles provide coverage for up to three key fob repairs or replacements with a total key fob coverage benefit of $600 for the covered vehicle. This coverage is available even if the key fob is lost or stolen and is not subject to a deductible. This coverage is not included with pre-owned vehicle plans.

Roadside Assistance

Maximum Care and Added Care Plus provide benefits that include flat tire change (with your good spare), battery jump, out-of-gas fuel delivery (max 2 gallons), and lockout service (i.e. keys locked in the car or a frozen lock).

$100 Towing Allowance

Maximum Care and Added Care Plus provide 24-hour "Sign-And-Go" Towing and Roadside Assistance (up to $100 per occurrence).

Trip Interruption Protection

Both plans pay up to $1,000 for lodging, meals and car rental expenses if: (1) the vehicle is inoperable due to a failure covered by the plan or the manufacturer's warranty and (2) the failure occurs more than 100 miles from home.

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When you purchase Mopar Vehicle Protection, you can be assured that you are buying from the best. The people at Mopar Vehicle Protection headquarters are experienced automotive professionals who specialize in the automobile business. They don't just know cars and trucks, they know your car or truck.

Genuine Chrysler extended warranties that extend your standard Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep warranty are available with a variety of plan coverage and term options, from 3-years/36,000-miles to 8-years/125,000-miles. Whether you want just the basics, a true bumper to bumper plan or extra convenience options, there is a coverage plan to suit your needs and your budget.

With third-party extended warranty providers, there is no assurance they will even be around when you need them. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles(FCA)backs our contracts, and pays for repairs to your Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Fiat, Alfa Romeo or Jeep or other vehicle, according to the terms and conditions described in your personalized plan provisions.

Don't let your local dealer fool you, you don't have to pay what ever they ask for a factory backed extended warranty. Go online where you'll find dealers that offer the same warranties, but at discounted pricing. Ford owners have been purchasing Ford ESP from for years. Until recently, only the most internet savvy car owners took advantage of these sources. If you drive a Honda, you can get a Honda backed extended warranty at or for a Acura try Only the manufacturer has a vested interest in your ownership experience.

Certified Chrysler Technicians And Genuine Chrysler Parts

Did you know that most aftermarket warranty companies will not pay for a genuine Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep replacement part unless the genuine part is the least expensive part available? Did you know that many aftermarket warranty companies insist on the use of used parts? Did you know that aftermarket warranty companies may not pay the repair facility's posted hourly rate, leaving you to make up the difference? Aftermarket warranty companies have just one reason to be in business - to make money. The less money they pay out in claims, the more money they take in profit. Chrysler offers extended warranties to keep its customers happy. A happy customer is a loyal customer and a loyal customer will buy another Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep or Ram.

Unlike the aftermarket warranty experience, your service visit will go as smoothly as when using your original warranty. FCA dealers are self-authorized to handle most claims. There are no lengthy phone calls waiting for approval. No negotiating of labor rates or parts pricing. No waiting for a check to arrive. All you do is sign here, sign there and pay your deductible (if you have one). You can also take comfort in the fact that with a genuine Chrysler extended warranty, genuine factory parts will be used and a real Chrysler-certified technician will handle the job.

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